METALFAMA draws non-ferrous alloys and was established in 1999. We peoduce tubes and bars round, square or other shape, custom made for our clients. Every material is supplied with its quality certificate. We have our own lab to execute mechanical tests and equipment to reach precisions such as 0,01 mm.

Description of our services:

Copper drawing, Copper Tubes, Copper Bars, Special Shaped Copper, Copper Tubes and Bars, Drawn Copper.

Yelow Brass drawing, Yelow Brass Tubes, Yelow Brass Bars, Special Shaped Yelow Brass, Yelow Brass Tubes and Bars, Drawn Yelow Brass.

Red Brass drawing, Red Brass Tubes, Red Brass Bars, Special Shaped Red Brass, Red Brass Tubes and Bars, Drawn Red Brass.

Aluminium drawing, Aluminium Tubes, Aluminium Bars, Special Shaped Aluminium ,Aluminium Tubes and Bars, Drawn Aluminium .

Copper Nickel drawing, Copper Nickel Tubes, Copper Nickel Bars, Special Shaped Copper Nickel ,Copper Nickel Tubes and Bars, Drawn Copper Nickel .

We also cut and machine parts to our customers.

Question us about diferente alloys!